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The All-in-One 3D Photo Souvenir System has everything you need to begin creating high quality 3D and 2D Photo Souvenirs, immediately for guests at your location or event. The software is pre-configured and easy to use; practically anyone can do it!


No special skills required! Online support and training provided!


Sold as a Complete 3D Photo Souvenir System


•   3D Pro Plus Software (1 License)

•   3D Pro Plus Upgrade - Graphics, support

     and consulting

•   DNP DS 40 Professional Printer

•   PC Laptop (software installed and configured)

•   Canon Camera, Flash, AC Battery, USB & USB Hub

•   Green Screen and Pro Background Stand

•   BONUS:  The Souvenir Special Edition Graphics

    20 - 3D 6x8 Backgrounds with 2D versions

    Hundreds of stock 2D Backgrounds

•   3D Pro Plus Sample Pack!

•   New design All-in-One Portable Case

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