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FYI, New 3D Dino Project Settings using 3DMasterKit for Inkjet and Dye Sub Printing!


Cat Flipping to Mouse Animation Image

What is a Flip lenticular?

A Flip lenticular is when you have two or more images interlaced together. When the lenticular lens is attached, you are able to see each image separately when viewing from various angles.


How hard is it to do a Flip Lenticular?

Lenticular Printing is not rocket science but it can be frustrating at times. Our team has put our heads together to create the easiest training products to help teach anyone the basics of Lenticular Printing. We currently have videos for both 3D and Flip available to demonstrate how simple Lenticular actually can be.


Flip Lenticular Project

The Cat & Mouse Project was created to teach the basics of the Flip Lenticular Process.  Cat & Mouse Project


Flip Lenticular Interlacing and Printing Software

Inkjet / Home:  SuperFlip!5 is provided Free to our customers.

Professional / Dye Sub:  PhotaMate Pro is used in many professional locations.


Ready to Order Flip Lenticular Lens

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What is a 3D lenticular?

A 3D lenticular is a holographic effect developed when placing a lenticular lens over a 3D interlaced photo.


How hard is it to do a 3D Lenticular?

Not hard. The 3D graphics are prepared using layers in Photoshop and Interlaced using 3DMasterKit. The 3D layers are saved for a future event.


Event and Photo Booth Lenticular Souvenirs

Professional Event Photographers and Photo Booth Owners using the correct equipment will find they can create 3D, Flip, Morph, and GIF Lenticular Souvenirs fast and easy, using our Lenticular Photo Frames.


For 3D, at the event you use a green screen process to leave only the guest from the photo which then is positioned between the pre-interlaced 3D Foreground and 3D Background (see 3D Dino Project for interlacing)using an Event Photo Software, like PhotaMate Pro. Print and add the photo to the Lenticular Photo Frame.


For Flip / Morph / GIF Lenticular Souvenirs, check out LA Photo Party's, Getting Started with Lenticular Printing, for videos that show the Flip / Morph / GIF Lenticular process using their software and our Lenticular Photo Frames.


3D Lenticular Project

Our 3D Dino Project was created to teach the basics of the 3D Lenticular Process.  3D Dino Project


3D Lenticular Graphics Interlacing and Printing Instructions

We show using layers saved from PSD file and provide settings using 3DMasterKit by Triaxes.com to create an interlaced 6x4 3D Dinosaur project for Inkjet and Dye Sub Printers!


Professional / Dye Sub printing of 3D Graphics: PhotaMate Pro is used in many professional locations.


VueThru Stereo 3D customers use Stereo Tracer software by Triaxes.com.


Ready to Order 3D Lenticular Lens

Check out our selection at our Online Store.   Buy Now


T-Rex Dinosaur in Great Hall in 3D

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