Why Buy Lenticular Lens from Us?
We buy Large Quantities of Lenticular Lens directly
from the manufactures.  We apply Optically Clear
Adhesive and cut the lenses to final size using
commercial equipment which gives us better control
over cost, allowing us to pass on the savings!

Sure you can do it yourself, but why would you?  
Flip (40 & 60) LPI Lenticular Lens
with Optically Clear Adhesive Applied
Stock Sizes:  5x7", 7x5", 8x10", 10x8"
•  Recommended for Perfect Flips and 3D
•   Thicker .033", Great Stability
•  Wider Viewing Angle 49°, easy to use.
•  Perfect for Photographers making 8x10's
•  Gives the illusion of 3D on Vertical Flips
3D (60) LPI Lenticular Lens
with Optically Clear Adhesive Applied
Stock Sizes: 4x6", 6x4", 5x7", 7x5", 8x10"
•  Recommended Amazing 3D and Small Flip Cards
•  Viewing Angle 27°, easy to use.
•  Thicker, lays flat, stable.
•  Thousands sold in US and Mexico.
•  Great for Flips under 5" and all sizes 3D.
Do It Yourself Lenticular Materials
Flip (40 LPI) and 3D (60 LPI) Lenticular Lens
Sheets and Rolls of Optically Clear Adhesive
•  Recommended for Do It Yourselfer.
•   Full Size Sheets without Opti
•  Optically Clear Adhesive Rolls
3D & Flip Lenticular
You are at the Right Place for all your 3D & Flip needs!
Plus Mouse Pads, Window Wraps and More!
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