Event Start Up Procedures

Startup Procedures for PhotaMate Pro software: (yours can be different)


Turn computer on and log in:

- wait ~2-3 minutes after logging in to allow the computer to properly start up.


Verify Internet: (Internet is only needed if using Social Software)


Verify Printer:


Turn Printer ON


On PC, Click to go to Windows Desktop


Right-Click on Windows icon on lower left and open Control Panel


Select View Devices and Printers


Right-Click on DS40 or DS620A


Click on Printer On Properties


Click Print Test Page

- if test print is successful, close all open windows

- if test print is unsuccessful, troubleshoot printer


Load PhotaMate Software:


Click and load the PhotaMate software


Click the red X, top right of center panel to close the welcome page ads.


Click on sample photo.


Click #1 in the upper right - quick action keys ( or ALT 1) to load #1 template.


Click on Print Setup.



- Printer "DS40".

- Paper and orientation setting (6x8 portrait)

- Layout (3D Lenticular)



- if test print is successful, Go to Camera set up

- if test print is unsuccessful, troubleshoot printer


Camera Setup:


Turn on Camera and do a test shot. (If Camera isn't working properly, turn off then on the camera)  Test fire camera from Take Photo button upper left in Software.



Setup: Automatic Processing


Go to PC desktop


Right click>Properties>New Folder


Name folder (Your Choice)


In PhotaMate, go to Tools>Workflow Designer.

- Key Green check marked

- Add background check marked

- click on drop down menu to open a Select File Box.

- Select background you wish to use.

- Add overlay by repeating previous steps.

- Save copy check marked

- Locate folder on desktop that you previously created.


Save and close Workflow Window.


Click the Gear below Tools (turns green) and click OK to turn on Automatic Processing.


Take a green screen picture.


Set up Social Software:


Open PhotaMate Social software.


Click OK for Print Setup.


Hold (CTRL + Q) to bring up the Setting Console.


Source Directory>select folder you previously created on the Desktop.


General Settings Tab

- Check mark hide print button and any other buttons you want to hide.


Title Tab

- Type in the title of your choice.


Save and wait for settings to save (may take a few minutes).


Any sample photos within the folder you created on the desktop should now appear in the Photo Gallery.


Click on Sample photo>Share>E-mail

- type in an email address and send.


Make sure to click cancel to return to Photo Gallery (if not, multiple photos will be sent to given address)

- always select photos directly from Photo Gallery


Check email to ensure digital photo has sent.


(ALT + F4) to close Social software.


Set up is complete. Everything is ready do a few test photos and emails:


Take photo of guest.


On the left side of Software in the photo panel, a green screen photo will appear followed by photo on template for email / Facebook upload.


If you wish to print the 4x6 do it now make sure to change paper size in printer settings.


If you want to select 3D background template select the green screen image first then ALT and the correct number.


Size and position guest keyed image.


Print.  Make sure to check print setting for paper size 6x8 and 3D Lenticular.


When ready for guest to switch to Social Software use ALT Key + TAB (if using only one laptop, only for slow days)  2 Laptops recommended.




When using 1 Laptop for both capture and social uploads, only keep the 2 Software Programs open and you will only switch between the two of them.  The programs you have open on the PC Laptop the more you have to switch through.  This is only done for slow locations and trade shows.  In most cases the Social Software would be installed on another touchscreen computer or laptop.


Use ALT Key and number or speed keys 1 - 5 to select background template.


Hold (ALT + TAB) and release to switch between PhotaMate software and Social software.


ALT F4 Key closes Social Software.